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what is nature Magic?

Children are invited into our garden to meet the plants, animals, and elementals who live among us in the natural world.


let's dance like butterflies, howl like wolves, and grow like tiny seeds into tall trees. Let's learn the names of the birds who sing us awake and taste  the vegetables we grow in the garden. SoCal has so much nature for us to explore! And more!-Let's learn about the sun, moon, and stars!

Classes are designed by CA credentialed teacher and mom Gretchen Gesell and feature a blend of science, art, literacy, math, and imagination. Children learn about the the flora and fauna right here in Southern California and hopefully develop a deep connection to the natural world. 


When my daughter was 3, she knew all the names of the Paw Patrol and Princesses, but she didn't know the names of the birds or bugs flying around right in front of her. That was when I knew something had to shift! I created these classes to help kids and families unplug for a little while each week and reconnect with the natural world.

Are you ready to reconnect with the magic?

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