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Check out our Fall classes starting September 6th

Woodland Hills

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Project Based Math-Monday 1-2pm $25 per class 

    Design a building, host a movie marathon, plan a bbq, design a taste test-these are just a few of the projects we will be using our 5th grade math skills to complete. What kind of skills? Calculations using multiplication, division, fractions, elapsed time, fractions, area and perimeter, 2D and 3D geometry, measurement, and data. Math really can be fun-especially when we use it in real life situations! 

Virtual Math Lab-Tuesday 1-1:30pm $15 per class

This class will be an optional container for Monday students to continue working on math projects with friends and teacher support-so you don't have to!

American Girl Living History-Monday 2:45-4pm $25 per class

This fall we will visit the 1930's through the eyes of American Girl Kit Kittredge. We will read her stories and explore the era through food, fashion, sports, music, games and crafts. This class will culminate with a performance. 

Nature Magic-Tuesday 2:30-4pm $25 per class 

    You are invited into the garden classroom to explore a variety of science concepts through the magic and beauty of the natural world. We will create seasonal art projects, sketch in our nature journals, design science experiments, and try out our green thumbs with gardening projects. Bring your crystals, feathers, shells and nature stories to share with our tribe!

Rubik's Cube