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What is a Vision Board?

A vision board is a visual display of words and images that represent what we would like to manifest in our life. It can be like an artsy collage, or purposefully organized into 

sections or categories. The key to a powerful vision board is clarity. Can someone "read" your board and understand clearly what you are saying?

I've been creating vision boards for almost 10 years. I've experimented with many different versions, and I've helped many people craft their vision boards. The biggest roadblock people come across is simply choosing WHAT DO I WANT?

When we realize we can choose anything, it can feel totally overwhelming. Add on our old stories, limiting beliefs, and fear, and there we are-blocked before we even got started.

Have you found yourself repeating the same old patterns year after year? Or do you move forward only to find yourself back at start? Or are you just plain stuck? 

The creative process of making a vision board-and learning how to work with it throughout the year-can help you let go of the old stagnant energy that holds you back and spark a forward momentum. Are you ready to ride this wave of new powerful energy in the 2020's? YES!


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