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Flower Garland 2

Winter Session 2021 January 4th-March 27th

Registering NOW-Please Venmo payment to @naturemagicla

                         Nature Magic 

We will be learning about nature through stories, science and art. Some of our topics will include weather, animal adaptations and 

botany. This class loves to share about our local animal encounters.

All animal lovers welcome!

Mondays 1-2pm Pacific Time $225  ( 10 classes)

(no class 1/18 or 2/15)

Stained Fox
Yellow Flower

Kitchen Chemistry-Potions

Put your apron on! We will be making a variety of potions using all sorts of natural ingredients. We will make hand soaps, teas, herbal honey, and so much more as we learn about many awesome plants. Let's experiment!

Wednesdays 1-2pm Pacific Time  $275  (12 classes)

Carrying Pencil

Sharing Stories

Did I ever tell you about the time I had a snowball fight with my neighbor? How about when I fell off of the diving board and knocked out my tooth? The strawberry/tomato incident? We all have so many stories to tell, and telling stories gives us ideas to write stories! During each class we will share stories and try out a short writing activity such as a poem, friendly letter postcard, silly valentine, or wacky Mad Lib.

Thursdays 1-2 pm Pacific Time $275  (12 classes)

Girl with Snowman

Kids In America

Let's jump into our time travel machine and visit children who lived in different eras of American history. We will learn their stories, fashion, music, crafts-and maybe even try out some recipes!

Mondays 11am-noon Pacific Time  $225 (10 classes)

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