Spring has Sprung!

Although we are sheltering at home, its not so bad because it is Spring! And with all of the rain we have had, everything is sprouting, budding, blossoming and growing. There has never been a better time to start a garden.

We ordered some cedar raised beds on Amazon that were very easy to assemble. They are not sprayed with any chemicals and they smell lovely-like cedar lol. I drove over to our local Armstrongs nursery and purchased some organic raised bed soil and some starter seedlings. There were so many choices. Now, luckily, I decided to do this right before the shelter in place was called, so I was able to go in person to choose my plants.

But if you call and order ahead, you can still pick up everything you need. I had to go back for more soil for our third garden bed, and it was so easy!

What did I plant? Let's see, tomatoes, chives, thyme, cilantro, golden bell pepper, cucumber, snap peas, chard, and fennel. I also planted seeds; lettuce, sorrel, chamomile,

and arugula. The rain over the last few days has got them sprouting like crazy!

Of course, I picked up some ladybug friends to help with garden pests. They have spread themselves all over the backyard. Hopefully we will be seeing some eggs soon!

And what is this you ask? This is our cute lil praying mantis egg case nestled cozily in our lemon tree. The directions say to keep it at least 2 ft off the ground, so I think this will do. We can't wait to see baby mantises emerge.

Our sweet gum tree is showing new growth. Its so nice to begin to see green everywhere.

We are so grateful for sunny days. We made this mint sun tea by putting the tea bags in water and letting the sun do all the work. Delicious! And Violet enjoyed keeping watch over it while it brewed.

Wishing you sunny days ahead and hopefully you are able to get outside and see the signs of spring around your neighborhood. If you would like to join one of our FREE classes during this shelter in place time, please register through the contact form on the website or send me an email. Everyone is welcome! #stayathometogether #homeschool #nature


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