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Updated: Apr 12

Omg! Aren't these guys just the cutest? My mom got them for L. for Christmas because our whole family is totally into birds! I've never seen a bird feeder quite like these-have you? What's great (besides the cute factor) is that they are SO easy to use. You simply attach them to the metal hanger they come with and hang them on the tree.

Here's the raccoon.

And here's the owl. We were worried at first that the owl's intense face/eyes would scare away the birds. (You have probably seen how people put those fake owls on buildings to keep the birds from pooping all over the place. Or you can put big owl eye stickers on big windows to keep birds from flying into them.) But we called Wild Birds Unlimited, where mom bought these, and they assured us that the birds will not be frightened away.

L. has been sitting at the window with her nature journal ready for the birds, but we haven't had any action yet. WBU said it will take a week or two for the birds to find these new feeders. We can't wait!

You can order these from or if you are in SoCal there are stores in Santa Monica, Thousand Oaks. Redondo Beach and Long Beach-oh and Carlsbad where she bought these guys.

And if you would like a TON of free ideas for making your backyard bird friendly, please visit Happy DIY Home


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