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EFT Emotional Freedom Technique

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What is EFT?

EFT is a powerful  method for reducing stress and releasing emotions that block us from our highest potential and well-being. We all can relate to the feeling of being triggered by another person, place, or even the thought of certain situations.

The emotions and even physical feelings that show up in our body can feel overwhelming and even painful. We might feel stressed, anxious, fearful, sad or angry. 

EFT is a gift we can give ourselves and even our children to help us release the energy behind the triggers and free us to enjoy our life!

How do I do EFT?

EFT is also called "tapping" because we use our fingertips to tap on a series of 12 acupressure points on our body. We can tap on general feelings or specific issues that we are having.

It is an empowering tool, because once you experience and learn it, you can do it on your own-anytime-anywhere.

Who can learn EFT?

People of all ages can benefit from learning EFT. My specialty is working with children and the adults who care for them such as parents, grandparents, teachers, and caretakers. Parents can work as EFT buddies with their child and moms can surrogate tap for young children while they play nearby.


EFT can help parents with the day to day stresses of parenting and the school experience such as: 

   *setting up a successful morning 

   *the carpool line 

   *the other parent who triggers you

   *feeling overwhelmed with so many to-dos

   *feeling not good enough

   *Pinterest perfect syndrome


EFT can help children with all the big feelings such as:

   *drop-off anxiety and feelings of "I miss my mom" at school

   *fears surrounding starting a new school, or returning to school after     a long weekend or holiday break

   *homework anxiety and struggle

   *hurt feelings from a friend or teacher

   *fears and phobias





Teaching children is one of the most rewarding yet stressful occupations. EFT can help teachers with:

   *feelings of overwhelm and getting it all done

   *perfectionist or Pinterest perfect anxiety

   *letting go of personal problems before the school day starts

   *releasing the stress of a busy day/week

   *stressful or uncomfortable staff meetings/parent conferences

   *grounding and staying balanced between work and home

   *feeling triggered by students, parents or administrators

   *creating a calm atmosphere of well-being in the classroom

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