Virtual Homeschool 


We will explore our beautiful planet from Malibu Beach to the 7 Wonders of the World using interactive maps, stories, trivia, and more! We will create map-making projects and report on the places that spark our curiosityMondays 1pm 

We will be learning about the flora and fauna in our natural world through storytelling, science, art, and nature journaling. There will be many opportunities for seasonal projects and fun! Tuesdays 1pm

All classes will be held on Zoom

Classes are for elementary ages 7-10

Fall session is 16 weeks Aug 24th-Dec 18th

Cost $400 per class

Monthly payment plan available

Registering NOW spaces limited

We will be enjoying an exciting array of literature across many genres. Students will read or listen to the assigned chapters and come together in class to talk about the book and do fun activities. We will be reading adventures, mysteries, fantasies, and so much more!

Fridays 1pm

Geography Fun

Nature Magic

Book Club Adventures

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